What is the PITCH program?


The bottom line is performance when you place a file with a performance manager and at USI Solutions, Inc our liquidation percentages are within the Top 1% in the marketplace. Using the PITCH program each file is hand touched to establish the required strategy to maximize performance of each account and the entire portfolio. Our Portfolio Detective program will find opportunities in your portfolio that other agencies will overlook; using this human interaction we know we have located all opportunities to liquidate the files.

Intelligence and Technology

The use of the newest technology to make certain superior resources and strategies are deployed on your portfolio is what USI Solutions, Inc was built on. The ability to utilize human intelligence and high technology in a manner that is cost effective to recognize the essential steps vital to collect each placed file will enhance your ROI.

We have created a waterfall of intelligent strategies to deploy on your portfolio that will contribute amplified value to the overall portfolio liquidation. By deploying multiple strategies on one portfolio we uncover all the small pockets of money most agencies overlook as well as the easy to access returns.

Compliance and Hard Work

USI Solutions, Inc employs a detective strategy on the files and creates incentives to collect the more complex to collect files that may require additional efforts to locate or motivate the debtor.

USI Solutions, Inc prides itself on its compliance record and understands what is required to be strong yet compassionate on the phone with debtors. USI Solutions, Inc also uses high technology programs to create compliance at the collector level.