USI Solutions, Inc is a creditor’s rights firm that specializes in debt collection. USI Solutions, Inc is committed to employing innovative and evolving strategies through utilizing cutting-edge technology in every step of the collections process. We handle accounts in all phases of collections: before, during, and after suit, including post judgment remedies.

USI Solutions, Inc is a diligent student of our environment and economy. We will take individual circumstances into consideration when determining the best means to resolve an account. The customer can be assured that we will assist them in locating the available means thru our investigative process as we work together. Ethics and professionalism will never be negotiable.

At USI Solutions, Inc, our primary focus is performance within a compliant environment. Teamwork, accommodation and cooperation are our watchwords for client relations in portfolio management.

USI Solutions, Inc will be steadfast in our client’s objectives while ensuring the customer is treated with respect. Our staff is trained in all phases of state and federal requirements and will not sacrifice economic success for principles that best serve our continued growth.

Collectors’ Pledge: “I believe that every person has worth as an individual. I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect. I will make it my responsibility to help consumers pay their debts. I will be professional and ethical. I will commit to honoring this pledge.”